Background about the Vivo Gaming System

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our evaluation of the casino software offered by Vivo Gaming, a company that specializes in live dealer casino games. 2009 saw the beginning of Vivo Gaming, which has since gone on to accomplish a great deal since its inception. The current atmosphere of gaming is one that is more ambitious and aggressive, and all of this has trickled down into the domain of casino software. I can tell you right now that the rate at which these businesses are producing games is just incredible, and it’s all because to the current climate. This is important to observe, particularly in light of the diversity involved. The experience that Vivo has gained over the years, together with the areas in which it focuses its efforts, makes it an extraordinary software producer—one that we are more than delighted to talk about.

Variety of Playable Games

The selection of video games offered by Vivo Gaming is quite big. For the purposes of this discussion, however, we are going to concentrate mostly on live dealer casino games because they are the latest and greatest in the world of online gambling. Vivo has developed an outstanding selection of liver dealer games and endowed them with a number of really cool tiny features, some of which will be discussed in a moment.

Vivo Gaming has imprinted these riveting real-world games with a number of extremely cutting-edge elements, which both make the experience of playing the games and the potential winnings from them more fascinating. After giving any of these games a shot, you’ll find that they transport you to a world that feels just as genuine as a traditional casino would do. It is important to point out that Vivo has adapted their board and card games so that they are compatible with smartphones. This is always a positive development. In this day and age of technology and mobile devices, there is no reason why any game shouldn’t be able to be played on a mobile device. The wonderful add-ons that Vivo offers include the following ultra-cool extras:



You are able to put bets on multiple games at the same time if you take advantage of the Multi Game Play function.

This feature, known as the Multi User Interface, gives you the ability to monitor the progress of other players at their own tables.

Multi-language support and support for many currencies mean that you can really play the game in the language of your own nation and select the currency that is used in that country.

Mini Side Games is an add-on feature that gives you the ability to open a new window in which you can play a different game from the main game.

Live Chat is a feature that enables full-circle involvement, which means that you can converse not only with other players but also with the dealer.

This suggests that Vivo Gaming provides many versions of the same game, each of which comes with its own set of features that are distinct from the others.

Side Bets and Bet Behind are two more wagering choices that can be placed on the game of your choosing.

The State of the Game

The development of Vivo Gaming’s games is guided by a methodical philosophy that is applied to the company’s activities as a whole. Any vendor of casino software that has been successful in the past understands that in order to continue that success, the company must be managed efficiently. This entails ensuring that the highest standards are maintained at all times by each and every member of the staff. Because Vivo Gaming adheres to the strictest of guidelines when it comes to honesty and reliability, the company ensures that all of its employees are subjected to the most stringent measures of risk management, fraud prevention, and data protection. To put it another way, they do all in their power to guarantee that when you play their live dealer games, you will have the greatest and most honest experience that is possible under the circumstances.


That Which We Adore

There are many people and things that deserve honor here. Vivo Gaming is an excellent firm that offers a wide variety of high-quality casino games. These games go far beyond the company’s live dealer offerings. When it comes to the live dealer games that they offer, the croupiers are polite and helpful, and when combined with an easy-to-navigate user interface, they are able to produce a gaming experience that is on par with that of sitting at an actual or physical table. Not to be overlooked is the fact that Vivo also owns a subsidiary known as SB Tech, which specializes in providing software for online sports betting.


What It Is That We Do Not Love

We can only hold out hope that this may be fixed in the near future, but as far as we are aware, their live dealer games are only compatible with Android devices. At the time of publication, this information was shared with us. We can only keep our fingers crossed that these games will soon be compatible with iPhones as well.

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